MaRBLe (Maastricht Research Based Learning) is a university-wide initiative that allows ambitious students to conduct their own independent academic research on a wide variety of topics under the guidance of a senior researcher at different faculties of the university

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MaRBLe 2018/2019

Title: The Role of the University in reaching the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in a European-Global context

Supervisor: Dr. Serdar Türkeli

Critic : Thomas Gardien

Thomas Gardien was born in the Netherlands. He is a graduate student at UNU-MERIT/Maastricht Graduate School of Governance in Public Policy & Human Development. Here he specializes in Innovation, Institutions & Development. During this MaRBLe project Thomas will advise on increasing the social impact and visibility of the research as well as the interventions in reviewing the material produced by the students.


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Lucia Moreira

Lucia Moreira was born in Alajuela, Costa Rica. She is a student at University College Maastricht, where she is doing her third year of Liberal Arts. She is mainly interested in sustainable development in business enterprises, and sociology; some of the courses she has taken include advertising, social entrepreneurship, development economics, and philosophy of technology. Lucia’s motivation for this MaRBLe project comes from her interest in working in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility with the hopes of bringing sustainability to the forefront of business practices.


Joël Beuerle

“Originally from Germany, I am a student studying environmental sustainability and business at UCM. I work as the community coordinator at the Green Office Maastricht and I am very passionate about finding new ways for businesses and individuals to act more sustainably. I am hoping to shine light on how universities can help reach the SDG’s by using my business perspective.”




Scheren J. (2018) Triple Helix and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: the Case of Maastricht University. Unpublished master’s thesis, UNU-MERIT/MGSoG Maastricht University,  Maastricht,   The  Netherlands,  75 pages,  Second Reader: Julia Reinold

Straatsma, C. (2018). Education for Peace and Sustainability at Maastricht University: A Student Perspective, Unpublished Bachelor thesis, University College Maastricht, Maastricht University, The Netherlands, 74 pages, Supervisor: Dr. Serdar Türkeli

Updated September 5, 2018