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A UNU-MERIT Event Series

“Knowledge Sharing for Urban Sustainability and Catching up to a Circular Economy”

A SITE4SOCIETY EVENT in Maastricht, The Netherlands

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Site4Society Events are conversations between people who are changing the world and academics who are doing research about change


Date: 13-14 June 2018

Location: 13th June, 16:30-19:00 hrs at the Municipality of Maastricht, Mosae Forum Office
14th June, 9.00 – 17.30 hrs at School of Business and Economics, Maastricht University, Tongersestraat 53

Till recently, economic policies for growth were aligned with the ‘linear economy model’, wherein ‘waste generation’ was accepted as a necessary price to pay for economic growth. Here, the focus was uniquely on how to handle the waste once produced, in the most economical manner. Worldwide, the perspective is moving away from the ‘linear economy model’ and towards a ‘circular economy’ that minimizes environmental contamination while satisfying human needs. Improved solid waste management in towns and cities is key to transition towards a circular economy. But how is this to be achieved? This is the central question on which our conference speakers from different parts of the world will share their insights. On the 13th evening, we will start with the opening ceremony and the presentations about Maastricht’s and the Netherlands’ strategy and vision. On the 14th we will learn about the problems of both developed as well as developing countries from academics, practitioners, and policymakers.

Partners: Maastricht University, Maastricht Municipality, Limburg SWOL

Confirmed speakers (and their country perspective):Mr. Hennie Van Eck (Maastricht and the Netherlands), Mr. Herman Huisman (Netherlands and China), Dr. Asel Doranova (Former Soviet Russia), Dr. Harris Andoh (Ghana), Mrs. Melissa Benito Gragnani (Sao Paolo, Brazil), Dr. Raja Venkataramani (India), Prof. Hiroshan Hettiarachchi (Developing countries), Mr. Manish Bhandari (India), Dr. Charalampos Fotakis (Greece), Mr. Filip Piotrowski (Eastern Europe), Dr. Sanae Okamoto (Nudge strategies)

Contact person for details: Maria Tomai (

Registration: Entrance is free, but registration is required for participation. In the form please indicate in which day and in which session you would like to come. There is a maximum of 55 places for each session. Thus, please do not register unless you are sure to come, as you might be denying a place for another person who is equally interested.

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Organization Committee

Shyama V. Ramani, Maria Tomai, Sueli Brodin, Serdar Turkeli and Eduardo Urias

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