Maastricht Sustainability Guide

“A Sustainability Guide for Living and Studying in Maastricht”

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Description: In the scope of knowledge transfer and outreach activities, SDR Lab @UNU-MERIT and SITE4Society @UNU-MERIT held an interactive workshop, at the Precious Plastic Maastricht local sustainability festival, on Saturday, June 15th, 2019.

Participants exchanged ideas on how they make responsible consumption and production choices, in accordance with sustainability principles, in all possible aspects of their everyday life, ranging from housing, in-city transportation, clothing, eating, outer city travelling, entertainment, studying

In the end, participants came up with a set of ideas on how to make sustainability an on-going, every day, local and global reality, and we collected data, information that allows us to present the Version 7.2019:

Maastricht Sustainability Guide

Download our Sustainability Guideline here!

This list is open to all public, private and social enterprises and initiatives, the usual disclaimer applies.


i. Sustainable Education

1. Heating: Please consider setting heating to 19 degrees
2. Furniture: Sharing is caring – Maastricht, Kringloop Zuid, Kringloop Vind-iets, Kringwinkel Smeermaas
3. Tool sharing: Library of Things

Water & Hygiene
4. Toothbrush: From plastics to eco-friendly: Gedeelde Weelde Maastricht
5. Toothpaste: Gedeelde Weelde Maastricht
6. Shower: Water (5’min ), Soap, Shower gel/Shampoo Gedeelde Weelde Maastricht
7. Cleaning Products: Sonett at Gedeelde Weelde Maastricht

Food & Nutrition
8. Breakfast: FoodCoop Maastricht, Gedeelde Weelde Maastricht, Ekoplaza Rechtstraat and Theodoor Schaapkensstraat, Bakery de BisschopsmolenBoerderij Daalhoeve
9. Lunch: Fresh cooked Maastricht , Bijzonder, Bagels & Beans, Bread Connection, Preps, Pluk Cats & Coffee, CatoCato
10. Dinner: Food sharing, Foodbank Maastricht (Fridays at Landbouwbelang), Veggie, Fruits, de Brandweerkantine, Eetcafe Ceramique, Marres Kitchen
11. Coffee/Bar: Bandito (City Centre & Randwyck), The Lab, Café Zondag
12. Cup: Reuse sustainable cups/mugs
13. Water bottle: HEMA
14. Daily groceries: Food Cooperative Gedeelde Weelde Maastricht, Self-harvest your vegetables and fruits at LOCOtuinen, Natuurwinkels Maastricht, Organic Market on Thursdays in the Stationsstraat, Vegetables directly from local farmers at Boeren & Buuren/ Buurderij Maastricht, TooGoodToGo – App

15. Clothing: second-hand shops, Doorgeefwinkel Maastricht (shoes, clothes, flowers for free), Mandril Cultural and Political Centre, Wear Vintage, Magnolia Thrift Store, Retro & Chic, Trader’s Pop, Ecolinea, Kringloop, Vintage kilo-sales and fleamarkets (regularly in MECC, Brandweerkantine, on the market on Saturdays/Sundays, and more)

16. Bike: Bike sharing (Swapfiets)
17. Car: Car sharing options (Blablacar)
18. Train: NS group tickets and day tickets (often at discounts at retailers such as HEMA or Kruidvat)

19. Study: Arbor Sustainable Notebooks, Recycled paper, pen, solar panel powered power

20. Phone/Laptop Repair/2nd hand: GSM Maastricht, iDropped

Waste Management
21. Waste separation: Recycling Platforms Maastricht

Social (Initiatives and Communities)
22. Mondiaal Maastricht
23. Cube of truth Maastricht
24. Demotech Maastricht (Re-designing concepts, tools, methods, ideas to make them
accessible and affordable to everybody in the world)
25. Library of Things – Maastricht
26. Climate Action Network Maastricht
27. Precious Plastic Maastricht
28. Shelter City Maastricht
29. Fossil Free Maastricht
30. Students for Climate
31. Extinction Rebellion
32. Bee Collective
33. Tapijn Urban Gardening
34. Green Office Maastricht
35. CNME Maastricht (Centre for Nature and Environmental Education)

Moving out
36. Moving in/out: Various Facebook groups
37. Vernieuwend Wonen Maastricht (Housing Cooperative)
38. Antikraak living in unused buildings (via  Ad Hoc Beheer, Maximus BeheerDe Vastgoedbeschermer & Camelot)
39. Possibility to live in cultural zones (Mandril, Landbouwbelang)

What’s more?

Please help us to lengthen this living list with your ideas and recommendations!
Send us your comments on categories and options you think we should add to this list

A collaboration of UNU-MERIT; MGSoG; SITE4Society, SDR Lab; UM Green Office; Mondiaal Maastricht