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Resources for Innovation, Institutions and Development Specialisation Track
Method #1 Econometrics

Article of the Week #1:
  1. Falk, R. (2007). Measuring the effects of public support schemes on firms’ innovation activities: Survey evidence from Austria. Research Policy36 (5), 665-679.

Article of the Week #2:
  1. Filippetti, A., & Archibugi, D. (2011). Innovation in times of crisis: National Systems of Innovation, structure, and demand. Research Policy40(2), 179-192.

Article of the Week #3:
  1. Mohnen, P., & Röller, L. H. (2005). Complementarities in innovation policy. European Economic Review49(6), 1431-1450.

Article of the Week #4:
  1. De Fuentes, C., & Dutrénit, G. (2012). Best channels of academia–industry interaction for long-term benefit. Research Policy41(9), 1666-1682.

Method#2 : Fuzzy-set QCA
Download presentation: Method-QCA 2018

Method #3: Q-Methodology
Download presentation: Method-Q 2018